Golden Rule Moments

In this week’s message, I spoke about the challenge it can be to follow the command Jesus gave to his followers in Matthew 7:12…

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

Matthew 7:12

This command that Jesus gave us has become known as The Golden Rule. It sounds simple enough, but it is definitely not always a simple thing to do!

Think about some challenging conversation you’ve had recently, one in which you might have become upset or even angry at the other person… in that moment, is it easy for you to actually treat that person the way that you would want to be treated? This can be a very real struggle for all of us.

So my question is… what kind of things “trigger” your emotions and often lead you to respond or react to others in ways that are not in line with The Golden Rule?

Is it when someone insults you? Challenges your authority? Questions your intelligence?

Is it when you realize the other person doesn’t share your opinion? Or values of work? Or political views?

Is it when you perceive that they are taking advantage of you? Or mocking you? Or manipulating you or someone else?

Maybe by being a little more self-aware as we engage in challenging encounters like these – remembering “in the heat of the moment” that these are exactly the kind of moments in which we have the greatest opportunity to imitate Jesus – just maybe we can find a greater strength within us to respond the way we would want others to respond to us. That greater strength is the working of the Holy Spirit within us!

So… back to my original question… what are the situations or encounters or conversations that totally get under your skin and cause you to forget all about The Golden Rule? Share about those in the comments section, if you’d like!

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