Hey Jesus Follower, How Is Your Online Witness?

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

We have been studying the book Christians At Our Best by Ed Stetzer on Wednesday nights for the past month. The general idea is that we Christians are called to interact with others as ambassadors for God, which means that we have to react and respond differently in this age of outrage that we find ourselves living in.

During a recent study, Ed laid out six principles of digital discipleship for Christians engaging in social media and other online platforms. These principles are:

  1. Remember: everyone is watching.
  2. Choose investment over consumption.
  3. Make grace the default mode.
  4. See people, not avatars.
  5. Resist the urge to fight every battle.
  6. Value truth

I’m going to take a deeper look at each of these principles in future posts, but I’d like to ask a question. At first reading – without any further explaination or discussion – do any of these strike a chord with you? I’m not talking about issues you see in others that really get on your nerves and that you wish they would stop… I mean are there any of these principles that immediately resonate as something you struggle with?

Personally, making grace the default mode and resisting the urge to fight every battle are two that I have been struggling with and working on for a long time. I feel like I’ve made some progress with both of them, but I still have work to do in these areas if I’m going to faithfully live out my mandate of being an ambassador for God and His Kingdom.

Which one (or ones) do you find the most challenging when you’re interacting with others (digitally or not)?

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