I am a tech nerd and computer geek. My BS degree is in Engineering Mathematics & Computer Science, and I still remember the emotions and joy I experienced upon receiving my very first computer, a Commodore 64, from my parents years ago.

I cut my teeth on MS Dos and was a PC/Windows nerd for many years. When I finally got on the iPhone bandwagon in 2009, it didn’t take long to decide to plunge all the way in and become a devoted Mac guy.

I’ve always loved reading about the pioneers of the personal computing industry that transformed Silicon Valley into the high tech capital of the world. One of my favorite TV series is Halt and Catch Fire, an AMC show which ran for four seasons and captures the excitement and growth of that time and technology.

I recently read Leslie Berlin’s Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age, and I absolutely loved it. Many of the people, companies, and stories were familiar to me, but Berlin did a great job bringing the central characters to life and weaving their diverse stories together into a cohesive read.

If you’re interested in the birth of the personal computer industry and the people who made played parts in making it happen, I highly recommend Troublemakers to your reading list.

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