3 Lessons From Ted Lasso

For several years now, our church has been building a fun tradition during the month of July – we spend each Sunday in our annual God At The Movies series during worship. This past Sunday we kicked off the series and, recognizing that most of us were not visiting movie theaters lately (thanks Covid!), we decided to pivot and make this year’s series the Stream & Binge Edition!

For our first week we looked at the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, and 3 lessons we can learn from the titular character. If you’d like to watch the sermon, you can do so here.

In the message, I shared practical ideas for implementing each of the 3 lessons learned from Ted (and, of course, from Jesus!), and I’d like to share those ideas here as well…

Lesson 1: Serving others makes a difference.

Serving other people really isn’t difficult – it’s just inconvenient to our me-centered life! If you want to practice serving others, the key is to be intentional and proactive to just do it! So take a moment to think about someone in your life that you want to serve, think about one way – big or small – and do it! It could be as simple as doing a household chore you know someone in your family doesn’t like to do (I’m looking at you, washing machine). Or volunteering to do the project at work that someone else finds tedious. Or offering to let someone go ahead of you in the grocery store checkout line. We don’t have to get crazy elaborate – we just have to do something!

Lesson 2: Positivity wins over negativity.

It’s so easy to slip into negativity, isn’t it? Griping about the actions of others, complaining about not getting what I deserve, cursing instead of blessing. Scripture tells us that we need to speak words and think thoughts that are acceptable to God (see Psalm 19:14). Three ideas for being positive this week are:

  • Keep a positivity (or gratitude) journal for a week (or longer!). Just jot down 1-3 things every day that you are grateful for. This is easy to do in a Note on a phone, or in a cheap notepad by the bedside.
  • Choose to only speak affirmations, not condemnations, for a day (or week!).
  • Send a note of encouragement to 3 people this week – yes, an actual note on actual paper in an actual envelope with an actual stamp that is actually delivered by the post office.

Lesson 3: Be curious, not judgmental.

This is a quote from Walt Whitman that Ted talks about during one episode, and it’s a good one. Some theologians view curiosity as a path to temptation and sin, so let me suggest that we need to have a “holy curiosity.” This is a manifestation of curiosity that intentionally steers clear from the things that are obvious temptations to us, personally, and from actions/thoughts/attitudes that are called out in Scripture as immoral. So what, you might ask, are some ways to develop a healthy holy curiosity? I’m so glad you asked – let me offer a few ideas:

  • Read a non-fiction book on a subject that interests you (maybe by a Christian author, and maybe not).
  • Listen to an informative podcast (again, this can be with a Christian leaning or not, depending on your interests).
  • Read a blog about something that interests you (like this one!).

I would love to hear from YOU about one of the ideas above that you have tried this week. How did it go? How did it feel? What did you do? What did you read/listen to? Please feel free to share with me and everyone else in the comments of this post.

Have a blessed week, and be a blessing to those around you!

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